Katie sings Gaga

Katie sings Gaga

Katie sings Gaga. May 12, 2014

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10 Responses to Katie sings Gaga

  1. Joan Gilpin #1 Fan says:

    What a great family relationship.
    So open and honest –
    take me as I am bitches –
    kinda way.
    Love to hear when the girls visit.
    God bless to all.
    Joan, your #1 fan

  2. Skeeter says:

    Katie singing with Mark’s sound effects at the end of the show was……Phenomenal.

  3. Bryan M says:


  4. HorrorQueen79 says:

    Im listing now…shes so outgoing!

  5. Raindrop says:

    Hey Katie! I own NO Gaga….
    If I were to buy one album, which would you recommend?

  6. Ron Mountain says:

    Katie was great on this show! And Amy did a “phenomenal” job on Fact or Crap!

  7. ReneeRox says:

    I’m not rrly a Gaga fan, but Katie ROCKED You and I!

  8. Jason says:

    You ROCK Katie!!!

  9. Dee says:

    You were awesome Katie! Great job and Great voice! You go girl!

  10. Babbis says:

    Karaoke Katie…you are the cutest =-D

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