Cat saves a young boy from a dog attack

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4 Responses to Cat saves a young boy from a dog attack

  1. Big Bart says:

    Good ‘ol Bakersfield CA!!!

  2. Phil with a Ph says:

    When I saw this video I couldn’t help but remember what Mark says about dogs, “A dog is God’s greatest creation.”

  3. Bryan M says:

    The hardest thing is knowing that the dog will probably be put down because the owner wasn’t responsible enough to leash it. Just breaks my heart.

  4. richiphoto says:

    About two weeks ago I was also attacked by a Mountain dog… Left a big bite mark on my right hand forearm. Thank god – my neighbors came to my aid and saved me other wise as I remember clearly it had let my arm go and was about to bit my neck… Thank God nothing major happened.

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