350: May23, Super Sexy Lip-Kissing Friday

It’s Super Sexy Friday! But first we have to come around on the family kissing-on-the-lips issue. But don’t despair: the Sexy Q&A is right around the corner. Mark and Lynda also provide advice for ladies who like to party, ladies who’ve gone through a dry

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6 Responses to 350: May23, Super Sexy Lip-Kissing Friday

  1. conniex says:

    Hello Mark and Lynda,
    You and your stupid shows are so addicting. Monday I went home from work pretty much as soon as I got there and barely made it home due to the flu or food poisoning (not sure which) and in between crap coming out both ends I had to run and start the show on my computer so that I could listen while I was recovering. It took 2 days to get better. You see what you do to people? I hope your happy. I spent a fortune on your shirts, I buy stuff off Amazon thru your site and I can’t shut up about you and the Slam and Cool Stories to my husband, family and friends. Soooo many times Mark will say something that my husband would say and Lynda has the same reaction that I have when my husband says the same thing. Hysterical. It appears nothing is more important even paying attention to sleeping while recovering from a horrible flu than listening to you people. Thanks for treating us as part of the family. It worked from the Mark and Brian days and it’s continuing in the Mark and Lynda days. Say hi to Chuck, Todd, Preva and the old gang when you talk to them. Love you all and you could eat my balls if I had some. Connie

  2. Renee L says:

    Superman relies on brute strength to win his fights. Batman has extensive data on every hero and villain’s weaknesses and has meticulous plans on how to defeat them should it ever become necessary. Definitely Batman would win. Probably with something kryptonite-based…

    • demonhoopa says:

      I don’t see it. Superman could just heat vision him from a block away. Throw a semi truck at him from a mile in the sky. That’s what makes superman kinda boring. He’s way too overpowered. And the Kryptonite scenarios they come up with to keep things “interesting” are just silly (Even for a comic). One meteor shower decades ago and every villain seems to be able to obtain it from the corner 7-11.

  3. Bryan M says:

    I’m listening to Tuesdays show as I’ve gotten behind again. At the car wash I try to see if I can get the chat on my phone. Things I read begin with butt-plugs and grapefruit!

    What the hell!!!???!!!

    I may just have to listen to todays show and then go back to the ones I have to catch up on later.

    (I’m thinking I may have to go lay down…).

  4. Dee says:

    Fucking Fantastic Show! Loved today and have a couple comments:

    First off: Tripe Smoothies? Okay, I just threw up in my mouth a little

    Second: Regarding the Shining: There is a documentary on NetFlix called Room 237 (That was the room Danny wasn’t supposed to go into and had the rotting corpse of the naked woman in the bathtub). Anyway, it was not what I expected, but talks about how Stanley Kubrick put hints into the movie to prove that the First Moon Walk footage was not real. Not that they didn’t actually WALK on the moon, but that he shot the footage in a studio but he wasn’t allowed to tell anyone. So he took this movie and put little things in it to let people know (by people I mean the conspiracy theory peeps). Pretty interesting….you might like it….or not. And Stephen King was PISSED about the way he made the movie. As a side note: Stephen King is afraid of the dark….. :)

    Third: I am SO trying the Grapefruit on my man this weekend! We’ll see how it goes. Lol But that sound effect of Angel Sucking that big black dildo was really disgusting….just sayin

    Lovin ya! And Lovin that I can comment right on the show page! Pretty cool. Guess I’m NOT the mostly silent listener anymore. :)


  5. Kristi says:

    I’ve been thinking about our beloved PrinceSS Patty all weekend. Mark, I know you thought she sounded like a 16 year old but 16 year olds go on their first date with other 16 year olds- it’s an even playing field.

    There is NOTHING more terrifying than being a card-carrying adult who has been out of single life for 10-15 years going on your first date. What do you say? How do you act? And for that first kiss…? ACK! I actually turned to the guy and said, “Will you just fucking kiss me please before I keel over?”

    I did love your idea of kissing him first, and early. I hope Patty did that, and I hope her date was amazing and the first of many. You GO, girl!

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