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Welcome to the new!

Looks different, huh? First things first:

If you had an account on the old version of of, you MUST now create an M&L Studios account before you can participate in the community here on If you previously created an M&L Studios account on one of our other websites (M&L Studios, Football Slam, Cool Stories), you just need to log in with your credentials!

Sadly, it turned out to be impossible to transfer the old accounts to the new site. You can find the sign up page here:

Now, as far as the site goes, not much has changed! In fact, it’s easier for me to point out what you *can’t* do right now:

  • Create posts
  • Add pictures or videos
  • Share your public profile

But don’t worry, those are coming soon!

Everything else should feel very similar. It’s just in a different place. Pretend that someone has broken into your house and moved all of the light switches to new walls. The lights still work; it just takes some getting used to.

If you have any problems, visit our support forum and ask your question there: find it by clicking here.

We’ll be cleaning smaller things throughout the next week as well as adding some of the bigger missing pieces. Until then, enjoy!